What should I do when my iPhone upgraded to iOS 13?

Recently Apple released their latest iOS 13. When you upgrade your iPhone’s OS to iOS 13, you need to check the following areas.

(1) Please make sure your iPhone’s Location Services are enabled. If not you will lost your scale’s connectivity. To enable your iPhone’s Location Services, please go to your iPhone’s settings.

iPhone Settings > Privacy > Location Services

The enabling Location Services is required for iOS 13 users, but not required for previous iOS versions. Please note that for Arboleaf mobile app Location Services are for Arboleaf scale’s Bluetooth communications purpose only. We don’t store your phone’s Locations.

(2) In your iPhone’s settings, also find mobile app arboleaf to enable Bluetooth for the app:

iPhone Settings > arboleaf > Bluetooth

It is required for iOS 13 users, not required for previous iOS versions.

(3) Some iOS 13 users may lose measurement sound. If so, please go to your Arboleaf app to disable Measurement Sound and then enable again. Your app’s measurement sound should come back.

Arboleaf app > My Account > Settings > Measurement Sound