My app is unable to connect to my scale any more. How do I fix it?

When your scale does not communicate with your phone, please do following:

(1) Turn off Bluetooth then turn on Bluetooth again (go to your phone’s Settings). For an Android phone (non-iPhone), make sure Location service is enabled.

(2) Power on reset your scale. Pull out one battery and put it back in. Immediately place the scale on a hard flat surface. Make sure the scale displays “0.0”.

(3) Take measurement.

  • Open your Arboleaf app, make sure it’s on the “Measurements” screen (a big circle on the top half screen).
  • Apply pressure to turn on scale, wait for “CAL” back to “0.0”.
  • Step on the scale barefoot. Stand still until your weight is stable. You will hear a sound, which indicates that your measurement data transferred to your phone.