Bluetooth icon is no longer displayed on my scale. How to fix?

Please open your Arboleaf app on the “Measurements” screen. Then turn on your scale by applying pressure or stepping on the scale. You should see the Bluetooth icon on your scale. If not, please do following:

(1) Turn off Bluetooth then turn on Bluetooth again (go to your phone’s Settings). For an Android phone (non-iPhone), make sure Location service is enabled.

(2) Power on reset your scale. Pull out one battery and put it back in. Immediately place the scale on a hard flat surface. Make sure the scale displays “0.0”.

(3) Take measurement.

  • Open your Arboleaf app, make sure it’s on the “Measurements” screen (a big circle on the top half screen).
  • Apply pressure to turn on scale, wait for “CAL” back to “0.0”.
  • Step on the scale barefoot. Stand still until your weight is stable. You will hear a sound, which indicates that your measurement data transferred to your phone.